What is Rustech?

Rustech is a patented solution of anticorrosive technology that prevents rust from forming and building up on all metal surfaces. Rustech is a smart electronic device that is a portable solution that can be powered via 120 volts, battery or solar energy. Their smart technology allows the right and precise distribution of energy to the metals we are to protect without causing oversaturation. The modules regularly monitor the metal to deliver the correct amount of electrons needed to have it corrosion-free.

How it works

This smart device effectively saturates metal surfaces with a free electron field that inhibits the oxidation of metals, therefore preventing rust from forming and halting corrosion already present. The number of electrons sent by Rustech units is calculated by the weight of the metal to be treated. The modules contain a return cable that goes back and communicates with their chip informing it precisely on the number of electrons needed to bring the metal to polarity.

What sets Rustech apart?

Rustech's smart technology is what sets them apart from other rust prevention devices. Their smart technology allows the right and precise distribution of energy to the affected metals without causing oversaturation. Rustech is the only rust prevention product that omits the use of sacrificial metals and anodes, eliminated these factors allow for eco-friendly technology. The use of sacrificial metals and anodes often results in the eventual degradation of the metal and the constant need for replacement with higher maintenance costs.

Our role

Reel Broadband and Rustech have partnered together to combine expertise in the fight against corrosion with our superb reputation and skillset within the telecommunication industry. Reel Broadband has signed an exclusive agreement with Rustech to install their smart anticorrosion technology on cell phone towers in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. We are trained and certified to be expert installers and be of assistance to train and begin installations globally. Our goal is to offer a solution to a problem the telecommunication industry didn't know they had. By implementing a reliable corrosion prevention system, cell tower companies will save time, money and maintenance.

View Rustech Panel DECK (PDF)